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People have long known the advantages to living under a tile roof. Tile roofing systems are resistant to rain, hail, and fire. They help conserve energy by allowing air to circulate under the tiles allowing the structure to breath. Roofing tiles come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Concrete and clay tiles are the one of the most widely used products world-wide in roofing homes.  MonierLifeTile Energy Efficient Roof system increase curb appeal and property values while saving energy expenses.

The system is made up of a combination of products that increase cross-ventilation, allowing air to flow through while providing weather protection. That air space has a considerable effect on heat transfer into a building.

Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine - Cool Roofing Inc.

This enhanced roofing system can result in a 50% heat penetration into the conditioned space of a building, decreasing heat and energy costs up to 22% when compared to a standard asphalt roof.  All in all, tile roofs are not only beautiful, but can also provide benefits with energy costs and protection from the elements. Keep your tile roof up to the standard you have grown to know and love, let Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. repair it today by calling us at (888) 491-4657!

History of Tile Roofs

The origin of the tile roof that has come to be a staple throughout the world, and in particular the Southwest of the United States can be traced to two possible beginnings, with China’s Neolithic age or the Middle East around 10,000 B.C.

The tile roof spread much further than these humble beginnings, however, and became a trusted and valued method to roofing homes throughout ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome.  Through the adaption of the tile roof throughout these various regions, tile roofing became increasingly popular throughout Europe and was ultimately brought to the United States at around the 17th century.  Since this roofing method was brought to the United States, and was used to create Italian Villa and Mediterranean, Spanish inspired architecture in the mid-19th century.  Used primarily for residential areas, tile roofing has become a staple in residential architecture within the United States and abroad, due to its durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions.  Partnered with its beauty and variability with the large amounts of different colors and materials on the market, there is a current day tile that can suit any roofing need you, your business, or your government may have.

Benefits of Tile Roofs

  • Tile roofs provide great protection, due to their resistance to rain, hurricanes, hail, and fire.
  • Tile roofs conserve energy by allowing air to circulate under the tiles, allowing the structure to have free flowing air more easily than other roof materials.
  • Tile roofs have many variations in color and styles in order to fit the decor of your residential, commercial, or industrial structure.
  • Tile roofs are used world wide, primarily with concrete and clay tiles that have satisfied owners of homes, businesses, and governmental structures for years.
  • Tile roofs are durable, and last longer on average than other roofing materials such as asphalt, shingle, metal, or wood shake roofs.
  • Client Testimonial for Tile Roofing

    “We needed to have our tile roof replaced and went through the estimate process with four different companies. The estimate from Cool Roofing Systems Inc. was ball park with the others and we were impressed with the people and service. They were able to find tiles that matched our old ones so we didn’t have to buy all new tiles. That was a big savings. Great company to do business with!” -Vanessa Thomas

  • Why Work with Us?

    • We will replace your roof even if it wasn’t originally created with Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. to make sure that you have a clean repair and you have everything to make sure that your roof is safe for all inhabitants of the building below.
    • We are the experts and industry leaders that can provide you with a quality roof or roof repair that you will feel secure under for years to come.
    • We aim to have clear and concise communication with each of our customers in order to ensure that they are satisfied with their end result, which creates a strong relationship from the beginning until the end of each project.
    • We offer an annual roofing maintenance program that will help to make sure that your structure is safe and that your roof is protecting your structure effectively for years to come, ultimately saving you, your family, your company, and/or your government money.

Call Us Today!

With the extensive history and beautiful structure that tile roofs provide to various buildings with a wide variety of architectural structures, we are sure that Tile Roofs will continue to be a popular choice for durable and beautiful roofing for years to come.  Have your roof stand up to those of your neighbors or competitors, call us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your roofing repair or roofing building needs, call at (888) 491-4657!