Roof Repair and Replacement Services Offered by Cool Roofing System
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Roof Repair and Replacement

Experience Professional Roof Repair Or Replacement With Cool Roofing

A free full facility assessment can help detect small problems before they turn into costly repairs or interior building damage.

We believe that roof repair and maintenance require specialized skills in troubleshooting leaks and moisture problems. Our repair personnel perform service work exclusively. This gives us the ability to have a much higher rate of success in identifying and repairing issues. Call us today to take advantage of our free full facility assessments! Whether you believe you are in need of a new roof system or not, having the information about how long your roof(s) will last in addition to the budget required can greatly reduce the expense of a quality roof replacement or repair.

Replacing a Commercial, Industrial or Governmental roof is a large undertaking.

At Cool Roofing Systems we are experienced in a wide variety of roofing applications and can recommend the one best suited to your needs.


Proper installation is critical to the long-term success of a roof replacement project.

At Cool Roofing Systems our roof replacement specialists participate in regular training to ensure your roof is installed to the latest industry and manufacturers’ standards. We have attained Duro-Last Master Contractor status, and have Certified Applicator status with Certain Teed, GAF, Malarkey, and Johns Manville.

In some cases, a cool roof system can serve as the top surface of a roofing assembly or on top of other existing materials. Some cool roofing system options do not require a complete tear off of the old roof, meaning a lower cost and fewer construction materials added to landfills. In Roof Repair Services we cover all roof replacements from tile, shingle, flat, single ply, fluid applied coating to metal roofs.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances that require a partial or total tear off of the existing roof system. This may be due to structural damage, tears in the membrane resulting in wet or damaged insulation, or your current roof succumbing to aging, due to the stress of sun, wind, and rain. Failure to have regular maintenance will also determine how much of your roof will need to be replaced.

A cool roofing system will not only lower the initial costs of roof replacement, but a cool roof can also have energy savings, lower a building’s carbon footprint, and reduce ongoing structural cooling costs. Talk to a Cool Roofing Specialist today at (888) 491-4657 and discover the options we have for you.

If you have a roof that is in need of repair we can provide that assistance. We repair roofs that are leaking, have asbestos, and do any other repair work that will keep your structure up-to-date with all building codes in your area.

We are very well trained in providing any sort of service needed for your roof. We are a full service roofing company that can restore your roof back to its full capabilities.

The damage on some roofs sometimes requires a full or partial tear off of the roof.

What do we mean by tear off? A tear off is when the whole roof or part of the roof is removed to install the new roof or a partial piece of the roof. Undergoing a roof project may seem intimidating but with our professional services you can be assured that the installation of your roof will be quick and seamless.  Luckily some roofs can go without a tear off. Some of the repair work you may need for your roof can be easily done without having to tear off any of your roof. This is beneficial for you and you can also rest easy knowing that your roof is still covering your structure.

A great thing about some of our roof replacements is that some don’t require roof replacing at all. With our specialized roof applications we can just building on the existing roof you have. For example, we offer a fluid applied coating that is easily applied to some roofs without uninstalling components of your roof. It is simply applied and the coating bonds to itself and creates a membrane that protects the full span of your roof. This membrane is waterproof and very durable. It also keeps your roof cool which keeps your structure cool as well.

The best part of this sort of roof application is that it does not require removal of old roof material. This is beneficial because we do not create more trash for the landfill. This makes us even more environmentally friendly by being able to re-use old materials and not have to discard and create more waste.

Replacing one of your roofs with one of our specialized roofs that will keep your structure cool is very beneficial.

Our roofs keep your structure cool by reflecting the harsh sun rays away and back up into the atmosphere. By reflecting sun rays, the roof stays cooler which then keeps the inside of your structure cool. This reduces energy used in cooling your building which also reduces costs spent on energy. This roof application ultimately leads to more efficient use of energy which makes it more environmentally friendly compared to other roof applications.

With proper roof restoration and maintenance you can reduce the amount of repairs needed. We strongly recommend that maintenance is kept up with your roof. This will reduce costs of repairing your roof by requiring fewer roof components to be replaced or fixed. This will also prevent a full on roof replacement.