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Roof Design And Build With Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing Systems offers Roof Design-Build services for commercial, industrial and governmental structures. The CRS team can provide in-house services for assessment, design, testing, CAD, and project documents.  This allows both the contractor and the building owner to work together seamlessly in every aspect of the project from the inspiration to its completion. Each project is individually assessed, as we know that no single design works for everyone.

A Needs Assessment will be done to determine the specific needs of your structure and its occupants prior to the start of your roofing build. The assessment will ensure an understanding of what is happening in regards to the impact on the building’s occupants, preliminary budgets, what to anticipate regarding life cycle costs, phases or segments of the job, and the sequencing, what tasks will be done when. During this assessment stage, we also look at what other work is needed during the scope of the project. This would include any mechanical, electrical, day lighting, solar, or structural work needing to be completed.

During the Commercial roof Design/Evaluation Assessment we will perform a Roof/Envelope Survey. The survey looks at the roof, everything on the roof deck, and all roof related components to determine their condition and needs. This assessment sets the stage for the Pre-Design. Code requirements involving fire resistance will be determined, along with calculations for wind uplift to ensure your structure meets or exceeds all current building codes. CRS will do both asbestos and infrared testing. The Cool Roofing Design will be in full compliance with Title 24, the 2007 California Energy Code, and Federal Executive Order #13125 Here at Cool Roofing Systems we not only repair and replace roofs we also offer Design-Build services.

What is a design build service?

What that means is that we will collaborate with you to produce a roof design that suits your needs and provide you with all the knowledge and important information to begin the project. Our Design-Build services allow you to work closely on the project with whichever contractor you decide to hire.

What is included in design service?

  • An assessment of the building.
  • A specialized roof design.
  • Special testing.
  • A CAD design.
  • Other project documents.

We first take a Needs Assessment. A Needs Assessment will provide you with a plan on what needs to be done to your building to insure a safe and secure roof build. This plan includes preliminary budgets, life cycle costs, and the sequence of the phases of the job. Tasks will be included for each phase. If the buildings occupants are to be impacted we will inform you of that as well. We want everyone to be secure during the construction of your structures roof so we want everyone to be well informed about what is going on, when, and where exactly.

We will look at any other needs that your roof will require for this build to be accomplished, such as: mechanical, electrical, day lighting, solar, or structural. If any of these need attention we will inform of that and collaboratively decide on what is the best measure to take. We want your roof to be fully functional and can provide proper recommendations on what needs to be addressed.  We also take a Roof/Envelope Survey. What this survey determines is the condition of all roof components and if they need to be repair or replaced. Again, we make sure that all components on your roof are functioning and based on what we find we will recommend that best solution to faulty roof components.

After the Assessment and Survey we can begin working on the pre-design. During the pre-design stage we determine all the building codes that the building will need to be up-to-date with including: fire resistance and wind uplift.  We provide you with testing for your building’s roof as well. Our team will test for asbestos and conduct infrared testing.  Asbestos can increase risk for cancer so our team thoroughly tests for asbestos to make sure it is not residing in your roof. If asbestos is found we can recommend proper treatment to your structure for removal of asbestos and include that in your design build.

Infrared testing is a non-destructive way to test to check for moisture in your roof. Finding moisture usually means that there is a leak. This test will help us assess what measures will need to be taken in repairing or rebuilding your roof.
The final design will fully comply with all building codes, including: Title 24, the 2007 California Energy Code, and Federal Executive Order #13125.

Please contact us at (888)491-4657 for a consultation.