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Cool Roofing Services:

Cool Roofing Systems offers Roof Repair, Roof Replacement and Design-Build services for commercial, industrial and governmental structures. The CRS team can provide in-house services for assessment, design, testing, CAD, and project documents. This allows both the contractor and the building owner to work together seamlessly in every aspect of the project, from the inspiration of the project to its completion. Every roof repair, roof replacement and roof design build is individually assessed, as there is no one design that works for everyone.


We offer these services to commercial, industrial, and government structures. With our design-build services you receive assessments of your structure, design, testing, CAD, and project documents. These will help you understand all aspects of your roof project. By knowing all aspects of the roof project you cooperatively work with the contractor and know what is going on every step of the way. We know that each structure is completely different from one another and have their own needs so we design for each one individually.


Learn more about our Plastatech Geomembranes for agricultural applications.


Regular repair and preventative maintenance can extend the life of your roof. All roofs wear out and need maintenance or repair. Repair any damage of your roof and follow up with maintenance. Keep up with regular maintenance to extend your roofs life.


Replacing a commercial roof is a large undertaking. We know that getting your roof replaced is a big project so we perform to our highest capabilities to get it done. With our extensive knowledge in roof application we can provide you with the Roof System that best suits your structure.


Cool Roof Systems offers Design-Build services for commercial, industrial, governmental, and residential. Our Design-Build services will give you the ability to work on your roof project collaboratively with the contractor. This lets you be part of the whole project allowing you to retain full control.


Headquartered in Manteca,CA Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. is a leader in the cool roofing industry. We have been recognized as the #1 contractor in quality and workmanship in the Northwest United States. We maintain employees that are highly trained and certified with experience in Government and Military projects.
Commercial roofing systems refer to roofing systems which are used commercially. With our years of experience in commercial roofing we know each structure is different so we assess each individually. Each design is tailored specifically to your structure.


Cool Roofing Systems proposes maintenance programs as a cost-effective means to optimize your roof’s performance! Roofing systems are going to deteriorate with dirt and debris. Let us maintain your roof to save you money through preventative measures.


Cool Roofing Systems, Inc., (CRS) a California Corporation, is experienced with extensive repairs in high profile Government roofing systems! We have extensive experience with Government and Military projects and keep employees highly trained and certified. We have years’ worth of experience with government contracts.



Why Choose Us?

We uphold the highest standards in roof developments and will insure that you will be satisfied with a high quality build that will keep your structure cool on a hot summer day.

– Cool Roofing Systems is a full service roofing company
– We do Free Roofing Consultations
– Headquartered in Manteca, CA Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. is a leader in the cool roofing industry.
– We provide a full line of fluid applied options including Roof Coating Systems by Western Colloid, ER Systems, Inland, National, United, Neogard, and Roof Mart International.
– Our Employees have a long history working with government construction contracts and over 100 years combined experience in the commercial repairs and industrial roofing industry as a whole.
– Cool Roofing Systems offer our customers the whole spectrum of commercial roofing solutions.
– We are confident that Cool Roofing will give you the best custom designed roof.


We understand that roof repair or replacement is a big project. It can be daunting to think that your structures roof will be under construction. Our services are high quality though and you can be assured that the whole process of either repairing or replacing your roof will be seamless. After repairing your roof if you keep up with maintenance of your roof we will insure that your roof’s life is extended.


Even if we do not repair it our design build services will provide you with everything you need to insure a clean repair or install of your roof.


Cool Roofing is the best way to keep your structures temperatures low. With our roof replacement service, we will install one of our specialized roofs that will keep your roof cool thus keeping your structure cool. This service is a great choice if you want to reduce energy costs.


Contact us at (888)491-4657 for a consultation.


What Client’s Say:

Great people, great company. Everyone from the front office to the rep to the workers was friendly, helpful and efficient. The work was done quickly and beautifully. And the workers themselves were great – very nice guys. And they cleaned up everything perfectly!


We needed to have our tile roof replaced and went through the estimate process with four different companies. The estimate from Cool Roofing Systems Inc was ball park with the others and we were impressed with the people and service. They were able to find tiles that matched our old ones so we didn’t have to buy all new tiles. That was a big savings. Great company to do business with!


On behalf of Duro-Last board of directors, I would like to congratulate Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. on their achievements in 2012. The foundation of Duro-Last’s success through the years has been built on our solid relationships with independent roofing companies. We are extremely privileged to have Cool Roofing Systems as an authorized contractor, and to have them represent Duro-Last in the marketplace!