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~Roofing contractor in Irvine~

Roofing contractor in Irvine - Cool Roofing Inc.

What Makes a Great Roofing Contractor?


As a homeowner, it is a normal question for you to ask what makes a great Roofing contractor in Irvine. The answer is long because many factors go into it. The most important thing for homeowners is to find a contractor that they can trust. It is also important that they should make you feel comfortable. There are many factors that come together to make a great roofing company.


1. They are Fully-Licensed & Insured

You should choose a Roofing contractor in Irvine who is fully licensed and insured. If they don’t have liability insurance and worker’s comp, you can be held liable for any accidents or damages. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, there is no need to take the risk of working with a contractor that doesn’t protect its employees with proper insurance cover. It is important that you realize that roofing, whether residential or commercial, is a dangerous profession.



2. Market Reputation

Market reputation involves several sub-factors including years of experience and its client profile. Check when the Roofing contractor in Irvine was established and who its clients are. Some of the most reputable contractors provide services to homeowners, commercial clients, and government agencies. The volume of repeat business received by a company is also a sign of their reputation and the quality of roofing installation and repair work they offer.



3. Warranties

There are very few contractors that can offer manufacturer warranties and workmanship coverage. If you choose a company that installs the roofing the wrong way, it can take a lot of time before its effects can be realized. In fact, the insurance may also not cover it. So if you choose a service that doesn’t provide warranties, you will have to pay for the repair or reinstallation from your pocket.



4. Authorized Roofing Installer

Another point to be considered is whether the Roofing contractor in Irvine is an authorized installer for the materials manufacturer.  This is important from the perspective that manufacturers honor warranties only for roofs installed by their authorized installers.



5. Free Estimates

A reputed contractor should also be able to provide free estimates after conducting a thorough investigation. They will provide a detailed estimate that contains information about the work in writing. Be wary of companies that offer cheap bids and then follow it up with additional charges.

So make sure to look for all these factors when evaluating a Roofing contractor in Irvine. If a company meets all these requirements, it is a sign that you will be choosing the right roofing installer.