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Headquartered in Manteca, CA, Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. is a leader in the cool roofing industry. As a top Roofing Company San Jose, we hold contractor licenses in CA, NV, AZ, UT, MT, WA. OR, NM, WY, HI, OK, with more states to come! Our focus is primarily in government, commercial, and industrial.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Company San Jose?

Roofing Company San Josewhen it comes to fixing your roof or replacing it, the most difficult job is to find the right roofing company san jose. You should not just choose any contractor that you come across. Look for a company that is honest, professional and can be trusted with their work. Here are 5 factors to consider when evaluating such a service.

Make Sure They Are Insured

You should choose a roofing company san jose that is both insured and licensed. Their workers must be covered under insurance so that you will not have to worry if someone gets injured on your property. A license will mean that they have the permission and essential skills required to carry out the work. You can ask the company to provide copies of their certificates for your assurance.

Are they Local?

It will help you in many ways to choose a roofing company san jose that is local. This means you can visit them to check their facility, if required. If you want to claim warranty, you will know that the company is easily approachable.


Ask them about the manufacturers they are tied with. The brands supplied by a roofing company can tell you a lot about their reputation. The top manufacturers require their contractors to adhere to minimum standards. Besides, top brands also limit the number of contractors who can represent them in a specific market. And these companies will have a good reputation in the market. Also remember that this designation is something that a contractor can use only in their territory.

Get it In Writing

A reputable roofing company san jose will always inspect your roof and give the estimate in print or writing. Make sure the estimate covers all the processes involved. They will also make the terms of payment clear from the very beginning. In other words, nothing should be left to chance. The estimate should also include information about the duration of the project.

Get Customer Feedback

Ask the roofing company san jose to provide you contacts of at least three of their previous customers. You should not only call them but also give them a visit to check the contractor’s work.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

Don’t work with any roofing company that doesn’t offer warranty for their work and materials used? The warranty cover should be provided for both the material and the workmanship. The longer the warranty, the better because flaws in roofs can take many months before they start showing up. So choose a roofing company san jose that can offer the longest warranties. If you face a problem, it is highly likely that your insurance may not cover it.

Besides taking these steps, you should also check the Better Business Bureau ratings of the roofing company san jose to get an idea of where they stand. Do they have any complaints against them? Look for contractors with minimum complaints and those that have taken steps to make corrections. So consider all these points before you choose any contractor for your roofing.