Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine - Cool Roofing Inc
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~Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine~

Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine - Cool Roofing Inc

4 Tips for Replacing Your Commercial Roof


If you have an old commercial roof or the roof is showing signs of damages, you shouldn’t take the safety of your employees and customers for granted. There is a limitation on how much of damage a roof can take. Are you looking forward to Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine? Roof replacement is a large project and you should know what are the different factors involved in it.


So what are the tips to consider when thinking of Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine?



1. Check Your Commercial Roof

The first thing you should do is to check your roof and determine whether you will be Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine? You will need to get the help of a trusted and experienced contractor to inspect the roof. Ponding or water buildup is a sign that your roof may need to be replaced. It indicates that:


  • There is no effective draining of water
  • The water buildup is causing damage to the roof membrane
  • There is a risk of roof structure deformation



2. Size & Design

Once you have confirmed that a replacement is required, you should evaluate the size and design of the roof. The roof’s size is going to help you determine how much you may have to on the project. The roof’s design also makes an impact on the project time and budget. Consider the condition of the roof and all these factors influence the material options you can consider.



3. Roofing Material Options

So you have considered all the above-mentioned factors including your budget. Have you eventually considered Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine? If yes, then you should check the different roofing material options available to you. Educate yourself about the different options available in the market, including the following:


  • Membrane or single-ply
  • Fluid applied reinforced roofing
  • Metal roofing


EPDM is a popular option for different types of buildings. It is both versatile and durable and lasts long. Among other benefits, it is also easy to install and maintain. Similarly, PVC is also a long-lasting option.



4. Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Are you thinking of Replacing your commercial roof in Irvine? You should then choose the right contractor. Do in-depth research about each contractor’s reputation and the type of projects they have handled.  It can be a time-consuming task, but finding the right commercial roofing contractor can benefit you in the long term.



So make sure to consider all these tips if you want to replace your commercial roofing. Find an experienced and specialized contractor who has worked with the type of roofing you have and they can make the task much simpler for you.



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