Cool Roofing Maintenance System | Roof Repair | Roof Replacement
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Roof Maintenance | Cool Roofing Maintenance

Cool Roofing Systems proposes maintenance programs as a cost-effective means to optimize your roof’s performance and minimize the possibility of roof failure and/or leaks. Each maintenance program is tailored to your structure’s need.

Maintaining your roof is one of the best things you can to extend the life of your roof. Not only will it extend the life of your roof but it will also prevent major damage from occurring to it as well. It can prevent major damage that can cause partial or full roof replacement.

Proper maintenance can prevent many repairs from happening. This is why we recommend that you keep up with maintenance as much as possible. It will reduce your costs by preventing damage that can be costly.

We offer roof maintenance services that are performed by our highly trained employees. With our maintenance service, our team will thoroughly check your whole roof for any signs of damage or any signs that your roof could use some maintenance to prevent any damage from occurring.

We first clean the roof of any debris that may have accrued so we have a clean surface to inspect. Our Roofing Company crews, working in teams of at least two for safety, will clean all roof surfaces from accumulated debris to facilitate roof membrane inspection and repairs if needed, flushing drain areas to inspect for proper water drainage.

By having a clean surface we can catch any damage that has occurred a lot easier. We also insure that the roof is draining properly because pooled up water can cause problems for your roof.

After the roof is clean, a detailed inspection of the entire roof coating is performed. There are many penetrations on a roof, including equipment curbs, pipes, equipment wall legs, vents and drains. Each penetration will be inspected as well.

If our team finds any issues with your roof at all they will do whatever it takes to find a solution and repair the problem with high quality products, as well as, high quality workmanship. This is to prevent any further damage from occurring to the roof.

After this inspection, the roof technicians will then pull a small cart with all the materials and tools necessary to perform the necessary repairs to the discovered defects, utilizing the appropriate technique and materials for that condition.

Maintenance is the ultimate way in which to stop any defect from becoming a bigger problem in the future. We can make a schedule of maintenance that best works with you. This schedule will insure that our teams come to perform maintenance at specified times and intervals. We also make sure that the maintenance is specifically designed for your roof structure. We will come up with a comprehensive list of items to check on your roof in order to get a very thorough inspection of your roof.

Every roof is different therefore requiring different strategies for maintenance. One type of roof may require special attention in a certain area while another may not. This is why we cater to each roof specifically when it comes to maintenance.

Special attention will be given to any ‘creative’ roof repairs, alterations and/or modifications performed by others (i.e. tenants, contractors, etc.) to insure that the integrity of the roof system has not been compromised.

Roofs are constantly being bombarded by the elements, such as, heat, rain, snow, wind. These elements can wreak all kinds of havoc on your roof. Our roofs are built to very high standards and are very durable but they too are constantly attacked by the elements. Roofs are a very important form of protection for your structure and do eventually wear down. Do not let your roof wear down too far though.

If a roof is left unmaintained then major damages can occur to it. Those major damages can lead to other damages to your structure which can be very costly to fix. Have your roof properly maintained by us to prevent these sort of damages from occurring. We would hate to see a brand new roof go to waste due to improper roof care.

All work shall be performed by our mechanics during our normal operating hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – Monday through Friday). All materials specified shall be used in conformance with sound trade practices.

Exclusions from the Scope of Maintenance Work

  • Damage caused by natural or manmade disasters including, but not limited to windstorms, earthquakes, hail, snow, fire, vandalism, lightning, burglary, and rainfall that exceeds the design of the roof system/building.
  • Roof-mounted HVAC or other abnormal use of the roof system by owners, tenants, or other contractors.
  • Improvements, modifications, or removal of mechanical equipment, penetrations, etc.
  • Structural failures including but no limited to, shifting, movement, cracks, settling of the deck or substrate, or nails backing out of the building. Defects in the structural integrity of the building, that includes membrane splitting, abnormal ponding of the roof.
  • Asbestos abatement, electrical, plumbing and existing or future mold.
  • Not responsible for blocked/clogged internal or underground drain lines.

Every roof will fail at some point. Why wait for the problem when you can prevent it? Join our Annual Maintenance Program and let us take that risk and burden.