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4340 Almaden Expy #111, San Jose, CA, 95118

Roofing Contractors In San Jose-Get a Custom Designed Roof

Do not neglect the condition of the roof on your structures and buildings. Cool Roofing Systems offers a variety of services including roof maintenance, repairs and replacements, and roof design build projects. Whether or not you have a cool roof or not, we recommend our annual maintenance program to optimize performance and minimize the frequency and probability of failures and/or leaks on your roof. This preventive measure should not be looked as a luxury but more as a necessity.

We offer roof repairs and replacements in a diverse selection of materials including asphalt, concrete, clay, tile, shingle, glass, metal, and fluid membrane and are not limited to homes and houses but also for commercial, industrial, and government projects. Our roof design build service is usually for government and commercial structures rather than industrial buildings. The difference between our repairs and replacements and the roof design build service is that our roof design build service is a collaboration of the contractor and the owner of the building to discover the optimal roofing solution. Our team is well trained as we stress and emphasize proper instillation.

With our cool roofing system applied to your structure, your roof will absorb less of the sun’s energy which keeps the structure as well as the roof surface cooler than that of a traditional roofing system. The beginnings of cool roofing systems saw a trend in white roofs because the color ability to reflect sun rays and not absorb the heat as much as other darker colors. The revolutionary technologies of our materials have produced darker colored pigments with just as good solar reflectance, allowing for a variety of “cool color” roofs. The temperature inside the structure as well as the reduction in cooling costs will be transparent from the moment our roofing system is applied. With our roofing system in place, benefits extend far beyond the money you save. Believe it or not, there are positive impacts on the environment as well as the community. Our environmentally friendly roofs reduce air pollutions and greenhouse emissions leading to a cleaner community.

Our cool roofing systems are most beneficial in areas where you use significant cooling costs for 3 or more months of the year, so California is just the place. Are you located in or near San Jose, California and need a roof repair or replacement? Let us help you with your roofing problems! Come by the office at 4340 Almaden Expy #111, San Jose, CA, 95118 or call toll free at (888)-497-3139 for free consultation. Let us help you save money. Pay less to stay cool!

Looking for a commercial roofing repair or replacement in or near San Jose, Ca? The warmer climates of the US there are circumstances that require a new roof system, sometimes all you would need is a repair other times it might require a partial or total tear off of the existing roof system.

This may be due to structural damage, tears in the membrane resulting in wet or damaged insulation, or your current roof succumbing to aging, due to the stress of sun, wind, and rain or even termites. Failure to have regular maintenance will also determine how much of your roof will need to be replaced.

Commercially around the world, leading companies get a custom designed roof with energy saving in mind. White roofs have already started to replace darker roofs which trap heat in the roofs or attics everywhere. Yet white roof or cool roof can be achieved with different materials, such as Fluid-applied, Single-ply Membrane, and Metal.

Call Cool Roofing San Jose today and give us a chance to meet your roofing and energy saving needs.