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23401 Madero, Suite 202, Mission Viejo California 92691

Free Roofing Consultation-Roofing Contractor Mission Viejo

As the industry’s leader in the cool roofing industry, Cool Roofing Systems provides professional roofing services for commercial, industrial, and government structures. Whether you need a quick fix repair, or you need to undergo a project that replaces your whole roof, Cool Roofing Services offers a variety of different options that will meet your structure’s roof needs. Whether it’s a partial tear or full tear, we can fix your problems with the variety of roofing systems that we offer. We also offer full roof replacements for all materials including tile, clay, metal, asphalt, concrete, glass, shingle, and fluid applied membrane. The advantage of using Cool Roofing Systems is that some of our systems do not require removal of the old roof material and can be applied on top of the existing roof. This allows us to re-use old material and not create excess waste.

For larger commercial and government buildings, we offer a Roof Design Build service in which the owner of the building is integrated into the project and works hand in hand with the contractor to come up with the most favorable roofing system for your structure. We assess and test your building before coming up with the design to check building codes such as leaks, fire resistance, and wind uplift. We have a great deal of experience working on high profile government buildings and military projects. The most common type of roofing system is Built Up Roof which is a combination of asphalt, gravel, and fabric structure, but membrane roofing has gained popularity and its use is increasing due to its simplicity and white color. This started a trend away from darker roofing materials because the white roofs reflected sunlight back and did not absorb as much solar energy, keeping the temperatures of the roof, as well as the structure underneath it, cool.

A cool roofing system can provide you and your structure with many benefits. First and foremost, it can save you a fortune on the cooling costs you will use to keep your structure’s temperature down, especially during peak demand times of the year such a summer. Not only is it healthy for your pockets, a cool roofing system will have positive consequences for your building and the environment as it can decrease it’s carbon footprint, which is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused.

California is a state that essentially avoids winter weathers. On top of regional weather differences, global warming has increased not just domestic but also global energy consumption and use and is continuing to rise. In about 5 years, the money you spend on our roofing system will be made back through the cooling cost savings you will have. If you are looking for commercial roofing repair or replacement in Mission Viejo or bordering Orange County cities, call us today at (888)-497-3139 for a free roofing consultation & quote or visit us at 23401 Madero, Suite 202, Mission Viejo California 92691. We guarantee that we will meet your roofing needs!

Looking for a commercial roofing repair or replacement in or near Mission Viejo Ca? The warmer climates of the US there are circumstances that require a new roof system, sometimes all you would need is a repair other times it might require a partial or total tear off of the existing roof system.

This may be due to structural damage, tears in the membrane resulting in wet or damaged insulation, or your current roof succumbing to aging, due to the stress of sun, wind, and rain or even termites. Failure to have regular maintenance will also determine how much of your roof will need to be replaced.

Commercially around the world, leading companies design their roofs with energy saving in mind. White roofs have already started to replace darker roofs which trap heat in the roofs or attics everywhere. Yet white roof or cool roof can be achieved with different materials, such as Fluid-applied, Single-ply Membrane, and Metal. Cool roofing has the following locations in California: Mission Viejo

Call today and give us a chance to meet your roofing and energy saving needs.