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Cool Roofing provides commercial roofing solutions and free roofing consultation

from Texas to Hawaii and many places in between. No matter how hot the weather, our energy saving roof can lower your building temperature and save you money.

We would love to hear from you – Get in touch or visit one of our many locations.


San Jose, CA

Commercial Roofing Contractors - Cool Roofing Inc.

Manteca, CA

Anaheim, CA


Sun Tan Valley, CA


Commercial roofing Healthcare facilities - Cool Roofing

San Antonio, TX


Honolulu, HI


Genoa, NV

Headquartered in Manteca, California, Cool Roofing Systems Inc. has locations to serve you throughout the western United States and Hawaii. This enables us to provide 24 hour emergency commercial roof repair response time. Call Us Now for more information about how we can help –

(888) 491-4657.