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Cool Roofing Systems is a Commercial Roofing Contractor Licensed in 11 US States including California, Washington State, Utah, Arizona, New Mexica, Nevada, Oregon, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Texas (License not required) and Hawaii.

Cool Roofing Systems has physical representation in the locations below, please contact our Corporate office in Manteca California at 888-926-6576 for more information.

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Home 2900 Weston Centre, 112 East Pecan San Antonio TX 7820 Home Phone: 888-926-6576 Website: Contact
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“Great people, great company. Everyone from the front office to the rep to the workers was friendly, helpful and efficient. The work was done quickly and beautifully. And the workers themselves were great – very nice guys. And they cleaned up everything perfectly!” – Jack Burt

Looking for a commercial roofing repair or replacement in or near San Antonio, TX? The warmer climates of the US there are circumstances that require a new roof system, sometimes all you would need is a repair other times it might require a partial or total tear off of the existing roof system. This may be due to structural damage, tears in the membrane resulting in wet or damaged insulation, or your current roof succumbing to aging, due to the stress of sun, wind, and rain or even termites. Failure to have regular maintenance will also determine how much of your roof will need to be replaced.

Commercially around the world, leading companies design their roofs with energy saving in mind. White roofs have already started to replace darker roofs which trap heat in the roofs or attics everywhere. Yet white roof or cool roof can be achieved with different materials, such as Fluid-applied, Single-ply Membrane, and Metal. Cool roofing has a location in San Antonio, Texas. If you are located in this areas and are in need of cool roofing and energy saving services, call us for a free roofing consultation.

Call today and give us a chance to meet your roofing and energy saving needs.

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