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Government Roof Repair | Cool Roofing

Government Roof Repair

At Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. we are dedicated to bringing the benefits of a cool roof to your government building!  We are passionate about offering our customers with a wide variety of cool roofing solutions, with various materials to help your roof fit the overall look of your building.  We work closely with you throughout the entire process, in order to build a strong relationship built on communication, so we can ensure that you are satisfied with your product from the beginning of your project with our free roofing consultation, until it is completed.

As experts in our industry with extensive experience and incredible customer testimonials, we are pioneers of energy saving roofing systems and we can help bring a comfort back to your building while also cutting your energy bill down significantly than what accompanies a traditional roof.  Our energy saving technologies are so revolutionary that your new cool roof will pay for itself in about 5 years from the energy saving.  Around the globe, cool roofs are being installed into businesses and governments, as the general public acts frequently with energy saving in mind.  Add your government building to the list of incredibly efficient and innovative buildings today, by calling us at (888) 491-4657!

Our Approach
From the beginning of our project until its completion, we are dedicated to provide each of our customers with professional, honest, and thorough approach to our assessment, design, and construction process.  We continuously strive to produce quality craftsmanship and the best products on the market to create genuine relationships and trust with our customers. When installing your cool roof, our crews have the highest safety and quality standards, which we elaborate with extensive detail within the next section.  Overall, we aim to provide a quality roof with clear communication from the beginning to the end of the project, ensuring that you are happy with your new addition. 

Our Expertise and Training

Cool Roofing Systems, Inc., (CRS) a California Corporation, is experienced with extensive experience in high profile Government and Military projects, an experienced Federal construction specialty in roofing systems.

Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. is an established leader in the roofing and coating industries with extensive experience in roof inspection, forensic analysis, design-build, and the installation of all types of roofing and waterproofing systems.

On-site management personnel employed by CRS are required to receive credentialed training offered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Contractor Quality Control. This training, which is recognized by most Federal agencies, requires the implementation of a three-phase quality control process that ensures compliance with contractual requirements, reduces or eliminates re-work, and establishes systems to document adherence with the overall quality control plan.

On-site management and all field technicians are required to participate in regular training and seminars including “hands-on” product application demonstrations, adherence to safety standards more stringent than OSHA requirements, and compliance with the CRS code of safe practices. This documented training includes 10 Hour OSHA certification, forklift operation, first aid, fall protection, etc.


  • Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. was recently recognized by a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic single ply roofing membranes as the #1 contractor in quality and workmanship in the North West United States. CRS is often referred by roof system manufacturers for large and/or highly technical projects that require exceptional experience in detail and quality workmanship.

Benefits of Government Cool Roofing

  • Heat is reflected with cool roofing due to our solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties technologies used in our cool roofs.  To simplify this process, essentially what occurs is that powerful solar rays are reflected back into the atmosphere, rather than remaining concentrated on your roof.  With traditional roofing methods that do not have this feature, your roof and in the building below are at extremely high temperatures.  As compared to a cool roof where you keep your roof 50-60 degrees F cooler on a boiling hot summer day!
  • Cool Roofs lower your energy costs! In government, cutting costs is necessary to keep your constituents happy, but difficult to achieve when aiming to better your community.  In a world where every penny counts due to our current economy, it is essential to install a cool roof in order to cut your energy bill and allot this amount of money to more productive areas of your government duties.
  • Cool Roofs are beneficial to the environment, as they lower air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions!  With less energy use, you and your government building better the environment without altering your day to day routine or influence your productivity!
  • Our cool roofs lower traditionally high temperatures on roofs and ultimately within the building below, leading to overall improved human health and comfort.  When it comes to the efficiency of your government departments, your employees are the life force that drive your overall success.  By creating an overall cooler temperature within your building, your employees will be more alert and comfortable, allowing for them to work more efficiently while having improved comfort.

Install Your Cool Roof Today!

Since inception, Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. has helped countless government based customers to save energy with cool roofing solutions using our wide variety of roofing structures and materials.  At Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. we can help transition your governmental building to reflect the environmental innovation of this century, allowing your government to be perceived by citizens as “green”, while also cutting your overall energy costs.  When it comes to installing a cool roof, it is a win win situation for you, your employees, your government, your community, and the environment due to the amazing benefits that cool roofs bring.  Help continue to bring your governmental building into the environmental age, by doing your part to better the globe and your immediate community. Give us a chance to meet your roofing and energy saving needs today, call us at (888) 491-4657!




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