Cool Roofing is a Renowned One-Stop Commercial Roofing Contractor
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Cool Roofing is a Renowned One-Stop Commercial Roofing Contractor

Manteca, California (November 22, 2016) – As a full-service commercial roofing contractor, Cool Roofing Systems offers a wide range of services from maintenance to roofing repairs. Needs for roofing services are diverse, prompting people to seek out a different contractor for each job, leading to increased costs and longer work times. However, customers in areas like San Jose, Manteca and Anaheim in California need not hire different specialists for the various aspects of roofing systems and tasks since Cool Roofing Systems is a one-stop roofing company.

Cool Roofing Systems caters to customers that are in need of roof repair, roof replacement, roof restoration and design-build services for commercial, industrial and governmental structures. Fully-trained employees make use of the latest technologies to complete projects, particularly with design-build services. The company’s CRS team can provide in-house services for assessment, design, testing, CAD and project documents. This ensures that clients can understand all aspects of the roof project, and further inspires cooperation with the contractor.

Beyond standard services, the company also handles underlying complex services such as developing safety plans, custom take-offs, visual safety drawings and level 1 thermography. To ensure optimal safety standards, Cool Roofing Systems can also conduct core tests.

The company has a policy of employing advanced techniques, smart material use, and adhering to both safety and quality standards of the industry. Cool Roofing Systems is a certified installer for membrane and single-ply Duo-Last, metal roof, fluid applied and coating systems, succeeding in becoming a leading brand name in the commercial roofing segment. The company also supports green roofing practices as they specialize in installing and working with eco-friendly cool roofing systems. Not only have these roofs been proven to increase client savings in the long run, but they also reduce energy consumption as well as greenhouse emissions and pollution.

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About Cool Roofing Systems

Jamie Billman, a fourth generation roofing contractor and widely known advocate for sustainable roofing practices founded Cool Roofing Systems in 2003. Since then, the company has grown into one of the Western United States’ leading sellers and installers of leading low-slope roofing systems. With a team of qualified professionals, Cool Roofing Systems can confidently take on any roofing project.

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