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Commercial Roof

Commercial Roofing Contractors

At Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. we are passionate about bringing the benefits of a cool roof to your business, or any commercial building that you own.  We are proud to offer our customers a wide spectrum of commercial roofing solutions, with various materials to help your roof fit the overall look of your building.  We work closely with you throughout the entire process, in order to build a strong relationship built on communication, so we can ensure that you are satisfied with your product beginning at inception with our free roofing consultation, until it is ready to be unveiled. As experts in our industry with trusted experience and powerful customer testimonials, we are pioneers of energy saving roofing systems and we can help bring a comfort back to your business while also cutting your energy bill down to size.  Our energy saving technologies are so powerful that your new cool roof will pay for itself in about 5 years from the energy saving.  Around the globe, leading edge companies design their roofs with energy saving in mind, make your business the next by calling us today at (888) 491-4657!


The current trend for businesses is to move to a more environmentally friendly business model, in which the environment is taken into consideration when making business decisions.  Throughout history, the environment and other key stakeholders that were affected by business decisions were continuously ignored, and thus were harmed by the role of business in society.  In light of environmental issues entering main stream news at the turn of the century, individuals within the public and businesses began to reflect on the role that they created in harming the environment.  The term Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is a way to remedy the past and build a better future for businesses in society.  CSR incorporates self-regulation and a general push towards bettering the globe and its inhabitants through business decisions. Through building a commercial cool roof, your business’s energy bill not only decreases, but your ecological footprint does as well, which generates great benefits for the environment.  At Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. we are dedicated to help you and your business help the environment, but also your company’s productivity by creating a comfortable working environment as well. 

Benefits of Commercial Cool Roofing

  • Heat is reflected with cool roofing due to our solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties technologies used in our cool roofs.  This translates to reflecting powerful solar rays back into the atmosphere, rather than remaining concentrated on your roof and leading to high heats on your roof and in the building below, keeping your roof 50-60 degrees F cooler on a boiling hot summer day!
  • Cool Roofs lower your energy costs! In business, cutting costs is necessary to keep your company running and maintaining profit.  In a world where every penny counts due to our current economy, it is essential to install a cool roof in order to cut your energy bill to a fraction of what it currently is with your traditional roof. 
  • Cool Roofs are environmentally friendly, as they lower air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions!  With less energy use, you and your company better the environment without changing your business’s day to day routine or influence your productivity!
  • Our cool roofs lower the heat on the roof and within the building below, leading to overall improved human health and comfort.  When it comes to your business, your employees are the life force that drive your company’s success.  By creating an overall cooler temperature within your building, your employees will be more alert and comfortable, allowing for them to work more efficiently while having improved comfort.


In terms of materials used for a commercial cool roof, the sky is truly the limit due to the many varieties of architectural designs.  Some of the materials that are commonly used include: shingle, slate, tile, metal, asphalt, concrete, membrane. In the last century, the most common type of roofing system is Built Up Roof. BUR is a combination of asphalt, fabric structure and sometimes gravels. At the latter part of the last century, with the availability of other materials, membrane roofing became a top choice for many for its simplicity and color.

White roofs gradually appear on commercial building but the notion of cool roofing was not too obvious. Then, a few years ago, Department of Energy found that white color roofing can save energy significantly due to the reflection of sunlight and the resulting cooler roof temperature. Cool roofing finally becomes the trend.

White roofs start to replace darker roofs which trap heat in the roof or attic everywhere. Yet white roof or cool roof can be achieved with different materials, such as Fluid-applied, Single-ply Membrane, and Metal.

Install Your Cool Roof Today!

Since inception, Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. has helped hundreds of commercial customers to save energy with cool roofing solutions using various roofing structures and materials. We can help bring your company into the environmental revolution, allowing your business to be perceived by potential customers as “green”, while also cutting your overall energy costs.  When it comes to installing a cool roof, it is a win win situation for you, your employees, your customers, and the environment due to the amazing benefits that cool roofs bring.  Help continue to bring business into the environmental age, by doing your part to better the globe and your immediate community. Give us a chance to meet your roofing and energy saving needs today, call us at (888) 491-4657!