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~Commercial Roofing Contractors~

Commercial Roofing Contractors - Cool Roofing Inc.


5 Popular Commercial Roofing Material Options


There are different types of roofing material for commercial buildings. All the popular materials offer a wide range of benefits. Commercial Roofing Contractors choose materials based on the local conditions, the kind of commercial operations in the building, and your preferences. Here are 5 materials which are widely used for commercial roofs.



1. Thermoplastic Roofing

This type of roofing material has excellent high-temperature tolerance and low-temperature versatility. Many Commercial Roofing Contractors also recommended these roofs for their high resistance towards exposure to UV rays, chemicals, ozone, fire, high winds, and punctures. This type of roof can last at least two decades.



2. Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen uses rubber or plastic-based polymeric binders and asphalt and the combination provides excellent durability and other beneficial properties. It is used by Commercial Roofing Contractors because it offers many properties of built-up, but is easy to apply. It has excellent resistance against tear, punctures, and heavy traffic.



3. EPDM Roofing

This type of material is valued in the commercial roofing industry for its high level of durability and longer lifespan. It is also quite versatile and easier to install and maintain. All these properties make it a common material choice for clients and contractors.



4. Green Roofing

Green roofing systems are becoming increasingly popular with both residential and Commercial Roofing Contractors. These roofs are sought after for improving the insulation effect. This effect further helps in increasing the lifespan of the roof and in reducing the interior heating and cooling costs. The type of material used varies from one place to another and from one roofing company to another.



5. Metal Roofing

There is growing interest in metal roofing due to its durability and elegance. Recent developments in technology have further increased its performance. A special coating of steel substrate protects the metal roof from the elements. So you will not have to worry about corrosion or rusting. Other reasons why Commercial Roofing Contractors prefer this material include superior resistance to cracking, fading and chalking in severe conditions like hail, winds and fire.


So make sure to consider the benefits of different roofing materials before choosing the right one for your building. You should consult the Commercial Roofing Contractors and they can help you make the right choice.


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