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~Commercial Roofing contractor Irvine~


Commercial Roofing contractor Irvine - Cool Roofing Inc.

A Guide to Preventative Maintenance Program for Commercial Roofing


A commercial roof is going to need regular maintenance to extend its lifespan. Even a minor issue with your roof, if left unnoticed and unfixed, can turn into a major problem that needs an expensive repair. So when you choose a Commercial Roofing contractor Irvine, make sure that they also provide regular roof maintenance services.



Cost Savings

When you choose a Commercial Roofing contractor Irvine providing maintenance program, any roof problems will be detected and corrected promptly. This means prevention of major repairs, thus helping you save on big expenses. It will also mean that your roof is going to last longer. Even a small leak in the roof can turn into a big problem in the future. Some of these potential problems can include:


  • Mold & mildew growth
  • The insulation getting saturated
  • Steel & metal parts getting corroded
  • Wood getting rotten
  • Interior finish getting damaged
  • Early roof failure


When your roof is checked in a timely manner and all problems are fixed in their starting phase, you will be saving big in the long term.



Roof Maintenance Program

A Commercial Roofing contractor Irvine can provide the following services in their maintenance program:


  • Annual maintenance inspections
  • Repairing all the leaks
  • Disposing of all accumulated debris
  • Caulking and sealing different types of flashing conditions
  • Sealing pitch pans


It is going to include flashing, chemical fastening, mechanical fastening, and drainage and insulation inspection. The right contractor will also produce a report of the maintenance and repair services.


Small repairs cost much less compared to what major damages cost. When you invest in a roof maintenance program, you are investing in protecting your business. So make sure to choose the right Commercial Roofing contractor Irvine to increase the lifespan of your roof.


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