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~Commercial Roofing Company Genoa, Nevada~

commercial roofing company Genoa, Nevada - Cool Roofing Inc.


Why You Should Choose PVC Roofing For Your Commercial Building?


PVC roofing is considered an excellent choice for commercial buildings. It is durable, energy efficient, fire-resistant and long lasting. Find out the main benefits of choosing this type of roof from your commercial roofing company Genoa, Nevada.



PVC Roofing Offers Excellent Waterproofing


PVC roofing has excellent waterproofing capabilities. It provides protection from water even in
extreme weather conditions. The heat-welded seams are responsible for preventing water from
getting in any way. Thus, installing this type of roof will eliminate any potential risk of
dampness. This roofing also has high resistance to chemicals.


Resistance to Fire


There are many roofing materials that offer excellent durability but lag behind in other areas.
Resistance to fire is one such area. If you are looking for a roofing material that offers the
perfect combination of durability, waterproofing and fire-resistance, then you should ask your
commercial roofing company Genoa, Nevada for PVC roofing.


The membranes are made in a way that they are extremely difficult to ignite. Even if high
temperatures cause it to burn, it will do so at a very slow rate. It is also easier to extinguish the



PVC Roofing Lasts Long


When it comes to roofing, you would always want a choice of material that is long lasting.
Modern PVC roofing has membranes made in a way that they can last very long. It may come as
a surprise but this type of roof is highly durable and can last for decades. The heat-welded
seams make it strong, durable and waterproof.


There are many more reasons for asking your commercial roofing company Genoa, Nevada to
install PVC roof. It is lightweight and will prevent the need to tear-down the original roof. The
material doesn’t increase the weight-stress on your building. This roof has excellent resistance
to extreme temperatures and even UV radiations. It can also reflect heat and make your office
more energy efficient.


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