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3 Points to Keep in mind When Maintaining your Commercial Roof

A typical roof can last for up to a few decades based on the material used, protection, and maintenance provided. If you have commercial property, it will have to be maintained and repaired to ensure it lasts longer. A well maintained back will not only help prevent costly damages, it will also help avoid hassles from the insurance company. When it comes to dealing with Commercial Roofing Companies, it is recommended have these points in mind when going for roofing repair.



Commercial Roofing Companies - Cool Roofing



1. Prevent is Always Better

Have your roof inspected and maintained regularly to address issues before they become more difficult and expensive. It is recommended to check the roof’s condition at least once every three months. It becomes more important to check the reroof after a storm. It will be best to avoid water damage buildup over time.


2. Replace vs Repair

Good Commercial Roofing Companies can help you make the right decision between a roof repair and replacement. when it comes to resurfacing, it is recommended to limit it to two layers only. Avoid more number of layers because it can increase the roof’s weight.

When you install another layer over the roof, make sure that a moisture scan is performed. Ask the Commercial Roofing Companies if they will be doing the scan. You don’t want to reroof over a wet roof. It can cause many problems including:

  • Rusting
  • Mold
  • Damaging effects


3. Call the Professionals

You can do many of the basic roof inspections, but if you notice something wrong you should call the professionals for an evaluation. Commercial Roofing Companies can conduct more expensive inspection to provide a report. You can then determine your repair or replacement options.

So follow these points to ensure that your roof remains in good shape and gets the best treatment.



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