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~Commercial roofer in Laguna~

Commercial roofer in Laguna - Cool Roofing Inc

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial roofer


Installing a new roof in a commercial building is a major expense. It is important that you choose only a fully-licensed and experienced Commercial roofer in Laguna for your project. You should choose a contractor after a thorough evaluation. You should meet them and ask several questions to determine whether they are perfect for your project or not.


So what are the most important questions to ask when evaluating a Commercial roofer in Laguna?



1. Insurance Coverage

When choosing a Commercial roofer in Laguna, make sure that the contractor has workman’s comp insurance and liability insurance.


  • Workman’s Comp Insurance: If the contractor doesn’t have workman’s comp insurance, any potential injuries to their employees on your property will be your liability.
  • General Liability Insurance: If your contractor has general liability insurance, it will cover any potential damages to your property while they are working on the project.


So make sure that you are dealing with a company that has these insurance covers.



2. Written Estimate

Ask the roofer if they provide a detailed, written estimate of the job. You shouldn’t enter into any contract that doesn’t involve a clear estimate in print. The estimate should cover all aspects of the project, most importantly the following:


  • Removing your old roof
  • Installing the new roof
  • Any replacements or repairs



3. Ensuring Quality

Ask the Commercial roofer in Laguna how they are going to ensure the quality of the work. You are going to receive multiple bids from different contractors. Quality is an important factor in determining which one to choose. In fact, it is this factor that comes into play when other factors like insurance and experience all seem equivalent.


So how can you determine a contractor’s work quality:


  • Ask to see their portfolio
  • Ask for references and call them to check how satisfied they are
  • Ask about the quality of materials used
  • Ask about the quality of workmanship


Safety precautions and work ethic also play an important role in maintaining quality.



4. Experience

When it comes to installing a commercial roof, you can never take out experience out of the equation. The number of years of business is one sign of the experience of a contractor. Then there are new companies which professionals at the helm who have been in the business for years. So make sure to ask the Commercial roofer in Laguna about the experience of their team.

It is also recommended to ask about the types of buildings they have worked on. How much experience do they have in buildings similar to yours?

So make sure to ask these key questions when choosing the right Commercial roofer in Laguna. These questions will help you evaluate a contractor thoroughly before making the right choice.


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