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commercial roof maintenance and repair

commercial roof maintenance and repair - Cool Roofing Inc

What is the Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance And Repair?

A typical commercial roof is slightly different from a residential roof. It is mostly different in terms of the type of roofing system used. For example, PVC and EPDM roofs are more commonly used in place of sloped roofs. The roof’s surface also has a larger area. Whatever the differences, commercial roof maintenance and repair is an important part of your routine and you cannot take it lightly.


Proactive Roof Maintenance

Proactive commercial roof maintenance and repair is crucial in preventing smaller issues from turning into major problems. It is not just the increased costs of repairs that should concern you, major issues can also put your employees and customers at risk. So make sure that you sign-up a contract for regular inspection, maintenance, and repair with your roofing company.



Prevent Costly Repairs

When it comes to roofs, even a small leak can turn into a major leak in a short period of time. Factors like humidity, heat, and moisture damage can quickly aggravate the leak. When fixed in time, such a leak can cost you almost nothing. But when left unattended, the leaks can pose a serious risk to your building and its occupants. The cost of repairing a major leak can also affect your business’ bottom-line. Proactive maintenance will identify all minor leaks and address them immediately.



Roof Lasts Longer

Regular commercial roof maintenance and repair can help in extending the lifespan of your roof. Any minor leaks or damages can lead to serious damages due to the effect of the elements. This can reduce the roof’s lifespan, thus requiring you to replace it within a much shorter period compared to its original lifecycle. On the other hand, periodic maintenance can prevent or slow down the damages from the elements, thus extending your roof’s longevity.



What Should a Routine Inspection Involve?

When it comes to routine commercial roof maintenance and repair, it is recommended that your roof is checked every 6 months. The key areas to be inspected should include the following:

  • Inspecting the drains and downspouts and ensuring that they are clear.
  • Inspecting the rooftop vents for ensuring proper sealing.
  • Inspecting the penetrations and flashings for tears and gaps.
  • Inspecting all drains and ensuring that they open.
  • Checking for any signs of roof damage and creating a report with details of best-possible solutions.

Depending on the kind of minor problems, the roof can be repaired the same day as inspected. So make sure that there is regular commercial roof maintenance and repair to prevent any structural damages to the roof, ensure everyone’s safety, and keep the repair costs low.