A Commercial Roofing Contractor that Uses Eco-Friendly Techniques
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Company History

Jamie Billman is a 4th generation commercial roofing contractor who began roofing alongside his father while still in high school. He understands the value of an ongoing education in the construction industry, as it was at a roofing seminar where he was exposed to the concept of “Cool Roofing.” And the rest, as they say, is history. Jamie became an early advocate for sustainable roofing practices and coined the term “Go Polar” to emphasize the importance of environmental impact long before title 24 compliance and green roofing was mandatory.

Jamie was a partner with another roofing firm prior to starting his own company. Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. was introduced in 2003 and has grown steadily in volume ever since, fixing leaky roofs and making repairs for government and commercial buildings. Government agencies & private building owners have shown their trust and satisfaction with Jamie and the Cool Roofing Systems team by maintaining an extremely high level of repeat business.

Cool Roofing System

Cool roofs have been shown to significantly lower energy costs, reduce air pollution & greenhouse gas emissions, & improve human health & comfort. A cool roof transfers less heat into the building below, allowing the building to maintain a constant temperature with less energy use. This energy savings is most evident for commercial & industrial building owners, as cool roofing helps reduce energy usage during peak demand periods.