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Headquartered in Manteca, CA, Cool Roofing Systems, Inc. is a leader in the cool roofing industry. We hold contractor licenses in CA, NV, AZ, UT, MT, WA. OR, NM, WY, HI, OK, with more states to come! Our focus is primarily in government, commercial, and industrial projects. The team at Cool Roofing Systems has achieved the status of Elite applicator with Sika-Sarnafil, Master Contractor with Duro-Last, Carlisle, Firestone, GAF, Malarkey, Owens Corning, McElroy Metals, Metal Sales, Sheffield Metals, CertainTeed. The Garland Company, Tremco Incorporated, American Slate, Boral Tile, and Eagle Products for both commercial and non-commercial or residential applications. We also provide a full line of reinforced fluid applied membrane roofing options including Roof Coating Systems by Western Colloid, ER Systems, Inland, National, United, Neogard, Progressive Materials and Roof Mart International.
Cool Roofing Systems is a full service roofing company that is committed to providing only the highest quality materials and workmanship with highly trained technicians on each and every project, regardless of the size. Our employees have a long history working with government construction contracts and over 100 years combined experience in the commercial and industrial roofing industry as a whole.

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Did you know that cool roofing products remain 50-60 degrees F cooler than traditional roofing materials during hot weather? Traditional roofs absorb 85-95% of the solar energy they receive. This translates to a roof surface temperatures of 150 – 185 degrees F on a hot summer day. This heat builds up during the daytime hours, baking the materials of your roof and heating the interior of the structure below, raising your cooling costs. In contrast, a cool roof would reach a peak temperature of 110-115 degrees F on that same hot summer day. These reduced surface temperatures from cool roofs can lower air temperature, not only in your building, but throughout the community.

Cool Roofing Reflects the Heat

A cool roofing system is constructed with roofing products that have high solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties. These work by reflecting solar and thermal rays from the sun back into the atmosphere rather than allowing it to be absorbed into the roof’s surface. The roof literally stays cooler and reduces the amount of heat transferred to the building below, keeping the building a cooler and more constant temperature. We do custom designed cool roofs for commercial and government buildings. Call us today for a free roofing consultation.

Cool Roof Materials

Cool roofing products come in a wide variety of materials. From surface granules and coatings on shingle, metal, or tile to a wide variety of low-slope, membrane, and roof coatings manufacturers are developing more advanced products to meet the needs of building owners. While the most common color for a commercial or industrial cool roof is white, there are many “cool color” products which use darker-colored pigments that are highly reflective as well. With “cool color” technologies there are cool roofs that come in a wide variety of colors and still maintain a high solar reflectance.

Environmentally Friendly

icon-2-environmentCool roofs have been shown to significantly lower energy costs, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve human health and comfort. A cool roof transfers less heat into the building below, meaning the building can maintain a constant temperature with less energy use. This energy savings is most evident for commercial and industrial building owners, as cool roofing helps reduce energy usage during peak demand periods.

Cool roofing can be used on any building, but it is especially useful if:

  • The building is in a climate with hot and sunny weather during at least part of the year (80°F or hotter weather with clear skies for at least three months of the year)

  • Significant cooling energy is used 3 or more months of the year

  • The duct system is in the attic or plenum space

  • There are problems maintaining indoor comfort in the summer (if air conditioning equipment cannot maintain the desired temperature, or without air conditioning, if indoor temperatures exceed 80°F)

  • The roof accounts for much of the building’s envelope (i.e., the roof area equals or exceeds one-fourth of the building’s exterior surface area, calculated as the walls plus the roof)

  • The roof materials tend to crack and age prematurely from sun damage (if damage begins before the warranty period or the roof life ends).

Cool Roofing Systems is an avid supporter of sustainable building practices and is an active member of the USGBC. (US Green Building Council) We are actively involved and have certified employees in the LEED program and are staffed to provide design-build programs to meet desired LEED requirements. We offer consulting service for building owners, architects or engineers. Our scope of services can include a practical value engineering approach to achieving a high quality installation. Recommended specifications will meet or exceed FM, UL, NRCA, SMACNA and local building codes and will be tailored to utilize materials with track records of long term performance with substantive warranties.

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